Zumba® ZIN™ 52

Released August 2014

This is the first volume that includes the additional warm-up, cool-down, and DJ song mix which is an ‘upgrade’ for current ZIN™ members.

ZIN™ 52 has arrived! First off, Dale Fuego is one I immediately like! I do really like the cool-down this month- Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow. I like the idea of doing a Bachata version.  A lot of instructors have already been using Bailando in their classes so this is one you may recognize (or already be using) but I do like the Flamenco version used on the ZIN™ DVD. I also like La Luz which is not something I would normally choose but it sounds like another song that I can’t seem to name… Mara’s new song is another one worth considering too.

Inspirational Routines

  1. * Take Me There, Boneless, Mi Vida Cambio (Warm-Up) 12:03

  2. La Chapiadora (Merengue) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 3:14

  3. Mulata De Platino (Reggaeton) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 2:29

  4. My Heart In The Beat (Electro-Latin) Artist: Mara 4:05

  5. Bailando (Flamenco-Reggaeton) Artist: Enrique Iglesias Feat. Gente De Zona 4:03 .

  6. El Serrucho (Cumbia) Artist: Mr. Black El Presidente 3:15 .

  7. La Luz (Tribal) Artist: Juanes 2:57 .

  8. Tanto (Electro-Bachata) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 3:36

  9. Dale Fuego (Calypso Dance) Artist: Edalam Feat. Myf & Cuban Mob) 3:36 .

  10. Descarga De La Luz (Salsa) Original Artist: Orquesta de la Luz 6:22 .

  11. * Will U Still Love Me Tomorrow (Cool Down) Artist: Leslie Grace 3:11

  12. * My Heart in the Beat, Mulata de Platino, El Serrucho (DJ Mix)

* Only available with upgraded ZIN™ membership

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