2015 Christmas Gift Ideas for Members

It’s that time again! Time for giving thanks and the beginning of holiday shopping. Your Zumba® students may start bringing in some gifts for you to show you how much they appreciate you however it can be difficult to reciprocate if you have a large amount of students in your classes. Although you may not be able give each one a coffee gift card or movie theater tickets, there are other options.

zumba-christmasBy far the easiest gift option is Zumba® bracelets. They’re small and affordable and Zumba®! If you are a ZIN™ member, you can get a 100 pack of Groove for the Cure Zumba® bracelets for only $25 (which is only $0.25/bracelet). If you are not a ZIN™ member, you can get bracelets in packs of 8 for $9 ($1.13/bracelet) which is still very affordable. (ZIN™ members get these bracelets for only $7.)

Want to do something more? Zumba®’s got you covered. You can purchase a 12 pack of Get Funked Up tees for $60 ($5/tee) but again, you can only purchase these if you are a ZIN™ member. There’s really not an affordable tee option for non ZIN™ members however with the Black Friday sale, you may be able to find some good deals. Currently there are some shirt options that are as low as $8.95. You do have to deal with sizes which can get messy whereas the Get Funked Up pack is one size fits most which makes things much easier.

This year Zumba® has a Treat Your Students pack ZIN™ members can currently purchase for $50. I personally don’t know if it is a Christmas worthy pack – it seems more like a party pack to me. It includes 10 bumper stickers, 100 stickers, 100 balloons, 100 labels for water bottles, and 1 dry erase board. I would much rather give out bracelets than stickers and balloons but it is another option.

There is also the option of non-Zumba® items. You could put together little bags of candy and attach cute notes or even bake some cookies, caramel corn, or other holiday treats. I also like the idea of giving out protein bars since it is the gym after all.

There is a wide range of options to choose from and hopefully one will work for you.

3 thoughts on “2015 Christmas Gift Ideas for Members

  1. Why is this your last post…? 🙁 I’ve just found this great page now, and I’d be so happy if you would continue, what can I do to make you do…?
    I’ve found you by looking for a zumba-song stuck in to my head and I’m afraid it’s newer than 2015…
    It looks like such a useful website and I would so appreciate if you’d continue, so pleaaaaaaase!!!!!!! 🙂
    But also thanks for all what you did, I see that there is a quite huge material, very useful, big thank you, big like! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I was contacted by the Zumba office asking me to no longer post the song lists or videos so I had to make some website changes and not sure how/if I will proceed. But glad you like the site!

  2. This seems like an awesome site, so sad to see it’s no longer being updated. Hope you found a way to continue and I hope I manage to find it!

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