ZIN™ Now

What is ZIN™ Now?

Available just this month, ZIN™ Now is a new way for ZIN™ members can receive monthly ZIN™ materials. Instead of getting CDs and DVDs in the mail, you can now download music and choreography videos straight from your Zumba® account. There are additional features that accompany the videos such as a Breakdown Bar and the option to switch into slow motion. Choreography notes are also available for download.

Should I Make the Switch?

I am currently undecided if I want to take the plunge and switch to ZIN™ Now. Mostly because I like having the CDs and DVDs in my hand. Yes they are starting to pile up in my drawer so it would be nice to stream or download the videos instead but then my computer would be filled with Zumba® videos. And what happens to all those videos if my computer crashes and I’m no longer ZIN™? A backup system would surely take up less space than my piles of CDs and DVDs but then I would actually have to do it…

I do like the additional features with ZIN™ Now. The Breakdown Bar is very nice to have. You can visually see the amount of time for each move. It’s almost like having choreo notes on the video. I also like the Rhythms section. You can choose a rhythm and it will show you all the song that have that certain rhythm. Plus Zumba® added some bonus music and videos.

Overall, I suppose the many extra benefits and features outweigh my laziness of not wanting to back up my materials once I download them.


Can access from anywhere (don’t need to wait for the mail at home)
Breakdown Bar
Slow Motion option
Bonus music and videos
New Rhythms section
Favorites option (can add videos to Favorites to view later)


Back up recommended to ensure you keep your ZIN™ materials if you cancel your membership


Side note: As this is the first month ZIN™ Now has been offered, I am assuming that you will only see the ZIN™ materials that you qualify for. Meaning you will not get past ZIN™ volumes that were released before you become a ZIN™ member. So if you were to sing up now, you wouldn’t get access to ZIN™ volumes 1-57; you would only get volume 58.

4 thoughts on “ZIN™ Now

  1. Is there a way I can backup my zin playlist? I went to Cuba in Spring and the Zin app wasn’t working, I was asked to do a Zumba class with the entertainment team and could not access my music, is there a way to add my music somewhere else than in the Zin app?

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