Zumba® Halloween Songs

The leaves are turning, the weather is getting cold, and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING are showing up in stores. This means it’s Halloween time and time to add some spooky and fun songs to your routine. Whether or not you dress up on Halloween, you can still get in the Halloween spirit with these fun, spooky tunes!

  • Thriller by: Michael Jackson 5:57

  • Somebody’s Watching Me
    I like the remix version which is in this video but is hard to find. It is available on soundcloud but I’ve never used that before. Anyone know if it’s safe? Soundcloud website
    Original Artist: Rockwell

  • Time Warp by: Little Nell, Patricia Quinn & Richard O’Brien 3:19

  • Day-O-Banana Boat Song by: Beetle Juice 3:29
    Great cool-down

  • Ghostbusters by: Ray Parker Jr. 4:04
    I also like the Run-DMC version available on the Now That’s What I call Halloween album.

  • Monster Mash by: Bobby “Boris” Pickett 3:12

  • Un Zombi Sexy by: Axé Bahia 3:17
    Another hard-to-find song. It’s all over youtube but no place to download…

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