My 1st Zumba­® Routine

Next month marks my 4th year as a Zumba® Fitness instructor! I can still clearly remember how difficult it was to put together my first full 1 hour Zumba® routine. Luckily I had the help of another wonderful Zumba® instructor who helped ease me into it!

Looking back, I didn’t do that great of a job putting the routine together. I pretty much had no pre-cool-down before I did my final stretching. I also had absolutely no Merengue songs and was heavy Reggaeton. But, overall I can’t say it was too bad for my first ever routine!

Here is the list of my very first Zumba® routine:

  1. Tonight Tonight (Warm-up) by: Hot Chelle Rae 3:20
  2. Jamaican Cumbia (Cumbia) by: Bachaco 3:06
  3. I Love Salsa (Salsa) by: N’Klabe 4:15 (Mega Mix 20)
  4. Danza Kuduro (Reggaeton) by: Don Omar 3:19
  5. Bla Bla Bla (Reggaeton) by: Zumba® Fitness 2:57 (ZIN™ 27)
  6. Baila Pa Emociona (Calypso) by: Zumba® Fitness 4:13
  7. Besos en la Boca (Funk de Rio) by: Axe Bahia 3:29 (Mega Mix 13)
  8. Jai Ho! by: A.R. Rahman 3:42 (Dance Fitness May-2015)
  9. Caipirinha by: Zumba® Fitness 4:01
  10. La Cumbia (Cumbia) by: Sailor 3:09 (Mega Mix 11)
  11. Cha Cha Slide by: Mr. C the Slide Man 3:42 (Mega Mix 6)
  12. Mueve La Colita by: El Gato DJ 3:45 (Mega Mix 13)
  13. Estas Perdida (Calypso) by: Zumba® Fitness 6:30 (ZIN™ 21)
  14. Drop It On Me (Pop) by: Ricky Martin 3:55 (Mega Mix 4)
  15. Just The Way You Are (Cool Down) by: Bruno Mars 3:41

WOW! 15 Songs! 15 songs is A LOT to choreograph and remember for just one class. For those of you who are just starting out, don’t let the number 15 intimidate you! My next post will teach you how to ease into it. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “My 1st Zumba­® Routine

  1. Wow! I am worried about remembering 1 song. LOL
    About to see if you have posted the next blog post on how to ease into it because Ive been certified for 2 years maybe and have not even taught 1 class. I really want to get started.
    This is the beginning for me, Im ready!!!! 🙂

  2. I am nervous about beginning my own Zumba class. I have been asked to put one together for a few ladies that have not worked out since they were in school. Hopefully I will get it together in time for them.

    1. Estas Perdida is a Zumba original- which means it was made by Zumba- so it is not available for download.

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