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Working out never sounded so good!

Have you ever wondered what the name of that new catchy Zumba® song is? Can’t get the tune out of your head? Well you’ve come to the right spot! We list our favorite songs to use in our Zumba® class and you can even find some of our favorite choreography and moves in the videos section.

Whether you are a fitness instructor looking to add a new song to our routine or a Zumba® enthusiast, you can find some great Zumba® music right here! Enjoy!

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for such great resource. My question is how were you able to get the list of the Dance Fitness songs? , and how long are the rights to use these? I am sure there are older Dance Fitness songs we can use, how can I access those?
    Also, am I able to use all the songs on ZIN volumes, no matter how old? like the songs from 2007, 2010, are still allowed to be used in Zumba classes??

    Thank you

    1. The Dance Fitness Songs are just songs that I like and use for my classes and do not come from ZIN. Feel free to use these and any other songs you choose. And you can use songs from past ZIN volumes any time you like!

        1. Are you a ZIN member? That is the only legal way to get the music from a ZIN disc.
          There could be someone that posted it on youtube or elsewhere, but get it while you can because they are often removed soon after they are posted.
          Users are not supposed to post the songs from the ZIN discs. It’s not fair to those that have to pay the $30 fee every month to get the discs.

  2. Hi…this site is great!!! Thanks so much…is there a zumba fitness or megamix to “Cheerleader”? Which Zumba cd is it on…do you have any routines to post…prefer the ZIN version if possible. THanks.

    1. Glad you like the site! Currently there is not a Zumba® routine for Cheerleader by OMI. I can certainly add it to the dance fitness section once I find a routine that I like.

      I don’t like to post ZIN™ versions of choreography as that is the benefit of being a ZIN™ member. I just post choreography that I like and I tend to not use the exact ZIN™ choreo in my classes anyway.

      1. I am a latest Zumba lover. Trying out a song starting with a bell sound and followed by the lyrics like “mente” “pente” “sante” …also includes “sexy girl”, mammi, mammi sallo salsi… Etc… Pls help to find it. Sorry for incorrect spellings coz I m newly exposed to zumba Spanish/latin lyrics

  3. I am trying to purchase Shant from ZIN 43, but I cannot find the song for purchase anywhere! Can you please be of some assistance? I love that song.

    1. Shant is a Zumba song by Zumba fitness so it was only available to instructors who were ZIN members when it was released (Feb. 2013). Sometimes Zumba will release popular songs for download on iTunes but as of this post, it is not available. Bummer I know!

    1. Which songs are you looking to find? If it is a song by Zumba, it can be difficult to find. You would only be able to get it now if they make it available on iTunes.

  4. Love your site, you’re very organised, obviously not a newbie, so very knowledgable about your stuff. And your generosity and enthusiasm I find rare and just priceless! Keep it up ZIN sister!

  5. I just became a basic 1 Zumba Instructor and joined Zin as well about a month ago and I don’t care too much for the songs they gave me at the instructors class. Was wondering if I can purchase any zin volumes? I’m trying to purchase zin 56 but this window popped up called Education Shop Policy and it reads…you can purchase this if
    “You are licensed to teach in the Specialty or otherwise eligible to purchase the Continuing Education Materials.” Would someone like me that just started able to purchase these volumes? Lol I’m so confused!! Thanks so much

    1. Good question- I’m not sure the answer. I couldn’t find where they have it for sale on You will probably need to send an email to their customer service to find out if you are eligible to purchase or not. Since you are ZIN and an instructor, I would assume you are eligible but I would contact Zumba to be sure. As far as past ZIN volumes, they are usually not available. You can download each song individually if it is on iTunes but I haven’t seen where you can purchase them from Zumba.

  6. I am not a Zumba instructor but like the songs played during the classes I take. I wanted to kow how to get those songs? Itunes does not carry all of them and wanted to see where else I could get them such as the ZIN cds. If so how can I buy the ZIN cds? Thanks

    1. The ZIN™ CDs are only available to ZIN instructors. Sometimes Zumba will release popular songs on iTunes but otherwise, they are not available. That is a benefit of being a ZIN member which is too bad for people who just love the music. The songs that are available, I have put the link to iTunes next to the song name.

    1. It was made by Zumba so unfortunately it is not available for download. It was only available to ZIN members the time it was released.

  7. hi. do you happen to know the name of a song, all i now is it’s probably a (brazilian) portuguese one and they have used it in one of the newer zumba commercials. the song must have been published by the end of 2014/beginning 2015 and i assume it’s a zin song. thank you for your help 🙂

    1. I think it may be Largadinho by Cláudia Leitte from ZIN™ 49 and it is downloadable! I hope that’s the one you’re looking for. If not, go to the Master Song List page and you can see the entire list of songs. Another song that has been on some commercials that comes to mind is Mi Vecina from ZIN™ 34 but it is a cumbia and it is an older song…

    1. I believe Dance with Me is on the Zumba Exhilarate DVD and there is no mp3 version available to download. At least I can’t find it anywhere. There is the Best of Exhilarate CD but it neither volume has this particular song.

  8. Hey Zumba peeps

    I would like to know if you guys ca suggest an app to mix music, I want to chop and join some songs to make a very long song of 55 minutes. I dont have iphone so I cant use the Zin DJ.


  9. I was a zumba instructor for several years and I have dozens of cds and dvds of music and choreography. I am no longer a zin member, either. I would like to sell these discs but I don’t see a clear way to do this. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  10. Not an instructor but love zumba. One thing I want to comment – do you guys understand that when you play the music at the high levels you are PHYSICALLY DAMAGING OUR HEARING? It’s not the issue of likes/dislikes of loud music, it’s the issue of health. Having music this loud is damaging for the hearing and can lead to hearing loss over time – something the instructors don’t seem to get or maybe they’ve already damaged their hearing and don’t get how loud it is? Our hearing is just as important as our heart, and the music actually sounds much better at healthier levels. You may think that louder music means higher energy, but our hearing is just as important as our heart. The hearing loss is painless and initially not noticeable, but the damage adds up and once it happens, nothing can be done.

  11. Hi! I’m from Italy and I practice zumba since 2013. Usually I find every song (I follow the sin releases) but in the new class there’s one I love but I can’t make its title out. It seems to say “my girl is back” and clearly says also “baccas”. My instructor told me that its name was something like “backizza”. Maybe someone knows that song?

  12. Hey.. I don’t do Zumba but I do athletics and at the athletic stadium there is this Zumba class that’s on and there is this one song I particularly like.. It is a very upbeat song and sounds very Indian. Here is a link to the song. Or a recording.

  13. Hey! Do you happen to recognize the following song? I heard it yesterday, it’s pretty fast and catchy but cannot find it anywhere… Chorus goes something like this:
    “do what you want, tell/feel what you feel…” I know it’s not to much, but maybe someone can help out! Thanks a bunch!

  14. I have been hearing this song at Zumba classes that sound a bit like Thai or Malay song but there will be a lyric that says “back to the beat back to the beat”.. was wondering if anyone know this song used in Asia?

    Please let me know at

  15. I’m looking for the lyrics to “Viva la Vida” by Salome. It was on MM 39. I’ve done online searches but to no avail. Any ideas on where I might find the lyrics?

  16. I’m looking for a song it has like an egyptian beat the only word said is work and my instructor uses this song for arm and leg workouts.. help!!

  17. Hi, i am a zumba member, and i try to find out,
    the artistname of a song called something new, its for cool down
    on the dvd “gluten” or similiar.

    How can i found out the artist??

  18. It sounds like “toastyyyyyy (some fast spanish) toastyyyyyy” and at some point he starts saying “bop bop bop bopbop” and in my class we pump it out to that part. It also could be frosty maybe.
    Dying to find the song, thanks!

  19. Hello,

    Can anyone tell the name of the song Beto Perez played in his live stream live today? The song says put your hands up in the air & the chorus part says, ah ay eh ay, ah ay eh ah?? Thanks

  20. Hello ..i m trying to find a zumba song which starts with the word “takida takida”(i hope thats wat he s singing) ..n it got words like “boom boom” in it ..could u help me to find it..!! Thank u

  21. I am a latest Zumba lover. Trying out a song starting with a bell sound and followed by the lyrics like “mente” “pente” “sante” …also includes “sexy girl”, mammi, mammi sallo salsi… Etc… Pls help to find it. Sorry for incorrect spellings coz I m newly exposed to zumba Spanish/latin lyrics

  22. I am not an instructor, but looking for a song that everyone at Zumba sings along to. Sounds similar and similar choreography to both Zin’s Take On Me [Samba version] and Surf to the World. Some ‘surf’ moves in the choreography. Mainly all instrumental.The song slows right down to a stop in the middle and picks up speed again. Sounds like it could be Ricky Martin and /or Enrique Iglesias on vocals. This song is stuck in my mind all the time. Popular at my Zumba class as I said, everyone loves to sing along. Thank you and all the best in finding it!

  23. Hi- I’m trying to find the song from my Zumba class which seems to say ‘turkey turkey turkey turkey….’ over and over again as the chorus and the routine involves a lot of twerking movements!!
    Any ideas?

  24. Hello i am not instructor i know there is a song is called contento it is zin 71 i can’t buy it in shazam can somebody give me the name of the singer i could look it up

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