Zumba® ZIN™ 54

Released: December 2014

ZIN™ 54 is finally here! I haven’t had much time to really listen to these songs but upon first review, I am liking Ta’ Pegao, Adios, Hey Alicia, and La Tusa. I am loving the old school songs that have been showing up lately. Like I’m Too Sexy on this volume and Come Baby Come on the last Mega Mix. Love some old school hip hop! I also like All About That Bass and have been using this routine for a while now. Hope you enjoy!

Inspirational Routines

  1. I’m Too Sexy / Zona Prieta Warm-up Remix / Oye [aka Madre Tierra] (Warm-Up)
    Artists: Original by Right Said Fred / Zumba® Fitness Original / Original by Chayanne 13:50
    I’m Too Sexy

    Oye [aka Madre Tierra]

  2. Tú Me Quemas (Merengue Urbano) Original Artist: Chino & Nacho feat. Gente de Zona & Los Cadillac’s 4:30

  3. La Tusa (Salsa Choke) Original Artist: Banda Choke 4:45

  4. Adios [Casadiego Merengue Urbano Remix Radio Edit] (Dance) Artist: Ricky Martin 2:32
    I can’t find this particular remix for download but the original is available:

  5. Chica Practica (Reggaeton) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original feat. Zona Prieta 4:13

  6. Entre Rejas (Cumbiaton) Artist: Casa Diego feat. DJ Leon & Sergio Casadiego 3:24

  7. All About That Bass (Pop) Original Artist: Meghan Trainor 3:07
    My FAVORITE Choreo for this song but it’s now a blocked video for my country:

    One that’s similar if the above is blocked for you too:

  8. Portunol (Brazialian Funk) Artist: Claudia Leitte feat. Beto Perez 4:04

  9. Hey Alicia (Cumbia Hop) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original feat. Myrto 3:37

  10. Ta’ Pegao (Latin Dance) Artist: Liana Veda feat. Macero y Jag 3:36

  11. Laura Non C’é (Cooldown) Original Artist: Nek 3:45

  12. All About That Bass / Chica Practica / Hey Alicia (DJ Mix) 12:01

11 thoughts on “Zumba® ZIN™ 54

    1. Because Chica Practica is a Zumba® Fitness Original, it is harder to find. Zumba® has not yet released this song for download. Sometimes they will make a CD with their top hits. That’s the only way you could get a Zumba® Fitness Original song if you are not ZIN. Bummer, it’s a good song!

  1. I am a ZIN member since January 2015. I was one month too late in getting ZIN 54. How do I obtain a copy of ZIN 54 CD and DVD? Thank you.

    1. Zumba doesn’t offer back copies of CDs or DVDs – even to ZINs. They only way you can get the music is by downloading it through something like iTunes or Amazon, etc. and then looking for choreography on youtube. Sorry

  2. I love Hey Alicia is there no way I can get my hands on the DVD/CD I’m exhausted searching, got it n YouTube so it seems like that will have to do – thanks

    1. I LOVE Hey Alicia too! It is a Zumba® Fitness Original so unfortunately it is not available to non-ZIN™ members.

  3. Does anyone know the names of the individual songs all mixed into I’m too Sexy Warmup? I want one of the specific ones but can’t find the name anywhere. Thanks!! It’s the one

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