Zumba® ZIN™ 51

Released: June 2014

A surprising favorite for me is Bollybhangra. Not usually my style but the choreography on the DVD makes it a lot of fun! I also needed a new Cumbia this month so I used Nena but ended up choreographing my own routine. I have a few others that I am still considering, like Menea la Pera. I’m sure Super Girls will be a big hit this month too.

Inspirational Routines

  1. Super Girls (Urban Retro Latino) Artist: Mara Feat. Michelle Gutty & Beto Perez 3:46 .

  2. El Kukucha Kucha (Salsa) Original Artist: Hansel y Raul 4:21 .

  3. La Fantástica (Vallenato) Original Artist: Carlos Vives 3:54 .

  4. Chica Caramelo (Reggaeton) Original Artist: Pumva 3:49 .

  5. Chacha Swing (Electro-Swing) Artist: Zumba® Feat. Zona Prieta 3:21 .

  6. Bollybhangra (Bhangra Fusion) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 4:10

  7. No Tengo Dinero (Merengue Urbano) Original Artist: MAFFiO 3:40 .

  8. Nena (Cumbia) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 3:31

  9. Menea la Pera (Merengue) Artist: BIP 3:27 .

6 thoughts on “Zumba® ZIN™ 51

  1. Love Bollybhangra too. Just got my Zumba license and hoping to get this on my playlist. Do you know How I can get a copy? Also cha-cha swing off of ZIN 51. Let me know, thanks

    1. Yes, Chacha Swing is on iTunes but Bollybhangra is a Zumba Fitness original and is not on iTunes. It was only availble to ZIN members who were ZIN at the time ZIN 51 was released. Sorry 🙁

  2. I also really want Bollybhangra and Rompe la pompa (I’m not sure if this was older or zin 51).

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