Zumba® ZIN™ 50

Released: June 2014

Only 2 songs so far catch my eye; Fiesta and Donde Estés Llegaré. Donde Estés Llegaré is somewhat slow but the choreography makes up for that and makes it a really fun routine. I am in desperate need of a merengue so I am choosing Fiesta out of the 2 merengues on this volume. Its just more my taste. I really loved a previous song by BIP so I want to look at their salsa routine again to see if I want to use it or not.

Inspirational Routines

  1. Fiesta (Merengue Urbano) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 3:23

  2. Here To Stay (Electronic / Glitch Hop) Original Artist: Zomboy 3:31 .

  3. Chucucha (Merengue Tribal) Original Artist: Ilegales 3:26 .

  4. Mambo Salsa (Salsa) Artist: BIP 4:17 .

  5. Grita Gol (Batucada) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 4:01

  6. Blin Blin (Flamenco / Salsa) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 3:51

  7. Latinos A Ganar (Ragamuffin) Original Artist: El General 4:03 .

  8. Donde Estés Llegaré (Reggaeton) Original Artist: Alexis & Fido 3:48 .

  9. Moda Nova (Axé) Artist: Cláudia Leitte 3:24