Zumba® Mega Mix 44

Released: November 2014

Mega Mix 44 is a little different this month. There are a lot of unique rhythms included in this volume. Urban Burlesque, Hindi Pop, French Dancehall, and what is Coupé-Décalé? According to Wikipedia, “Coupé-Décalé is a very percussive style featuring African samples, deep bass, and repetitive, minimalist arrangements.” This style originated in Paris. On first review, I am liking well – all of them. Which is not typical for me but Mega Mix 44 has a nice mix of really good songs. Come Baby Come is an instant playlist add although I really needed a Salsa routine for next week…

Inspirational Routines

  1. Sunny Sunny (Hindi Pop) Original Artist: Yo Yo Honey Singh & Neha Kakkar 4:03

  2. Accordeon Dance (Russian Folk) Artist: Zumba® Fitness Original 3:15

  3. Swing (Country) Original Artist: Trace Adkins 3:39

  4. Tangled Up (Tango) Original Artist: Caro Emerald 3:15

  5. Lepo Lepo (Axe) Original Artist: Psirico 3:21

  6. Big Spender (Urban Burlesque) BELOW IS NOT THE ZUMBA® VERSION but a very similar version (also very explicit) by Legato Shine 2:51

  7. Adicto (Reggaeton) Original Artist: Wisin 3:50

  8. Zumbalo (Coupé-Décalé) Artist: Dexter Hamilton 4:18

    Or BATTLE style!

  9. Good Time (French Dancehall) Artist: Bel-Mondo 3:22

  10. Come Baby Come (Hip-Hop) Original Artist: K7 3:59

  11. Yemaya (Merengue) Artist: Amarfis Aquino 3:54

  12. Jumping (Soca) Artist: Armando & Heidy 4:03

3 thoughts on “Zumba® Mega Mix 44

  1. The version of Big Spender you show on this page is Shirley Bassey. The one on the Mega Mix CD is totally different–an electronic remix.

  2. Yes, the Big Spender Zumba version is totally different than the one shown. There currently aren’t any videos of the Zumba version. I’ll try to add one soon!

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