Zumba® Mega Mix 42

Released: July 2014

Once I found the video for Wine it Up, I couldn’t listen to the song without seeing the priest and nun. Mi Gente is a favorite and I added this into my playlist right away. I also like the salsa Bajo La Tormenta. Ole Brazil is another favorite- easy merengue.

Inspirational Routines

  1. Mi Gente (Latin Dance) Artists: Armando and Heidy 3:59

  2. Brasil Brasil (Samba) Artist: Carlinhos Brown 2:55

  3. Ole Brazil (Merengue) Original Artist: Elvis Crespo Feat. Maluma 3:31

  4. Bajo la Tormenta (Salsa) Original Artist: Sergio George’s Salsa Giants 4:04

  5. Wine it Up (Moombahton) Artist: DJLbr Feat. Nappy Paco 2:58

  6. Te Viví (Cumbia) Original Artist: Villamizar Feat. Maluma and Elvis Crespo 3:26

  7. En Brecheo (Dembow) Artist: El Alfa 3:01

  8. Hoy lo Siento (Reggaeton) Original Artists: Zion & Lennox Feat. Tony Dize 3:46

  9. Maionese (Mayonesa) (Axé) Original Artist: Forro Brasil 3:41

  10. Finally Found You (Cooldown) Original Artist: Enrique Iglesias Feat. Sammy Adams 3:40

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