Zumba® Mega Mix 41

Released: May 2014

I am excited to see a new Tango song- La Morocha. Just what my class needed! I am always looking for new Salsas and Merengues and Ay Cosita Linda caught my eye- especially once I saw the inspirational choreography. Bambalam is another instant add to my playlist. Short and sweet but also a good routine. I think I will also add Te Veo Bailando to my playlist once I can figure out how I want to choreograph this one. And I’m sure Sexy Ladies, #Selfie, and United for the Cup will be popular songs too.

Inspirational Routines

  1. Shake It (Warm-up) Artist: Luke Skies Feat. Max’C 5:44

  2. #Selfie (Electropop) Artist: The Chainsmokers 3:04

  3. Te Veo Bailando (Merengue Urbano) Artist: Andy Quintero feat. Robert Taylor 3:11

  4. Ay Cosita Linda (Salsa) Original Artist: Perez Prado 2:23

  5. La Pregunta (Reggaeton) Original Artist: J Alvarez 4:29

  6. United for the Cup (Latin Pop) Artist: Zumba Fitness Original 4:36

  7. Bambalam (Dancehall) Artist: General Degree 2:46

  8. Sexy Ladies (Urban Pop) Artist: Dahrio Wonder 3:53

  9. Me Vuelve Loco (Tropipop) Artist: Periko y Jessie Leon 3:31

  10. La Morocha (Tango Electrónico) Original Artist: Bulevard Tango Club 3:48

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