How to find choreography for Zumba® Mega Mix Volumes

Mega Mix

Of all the pages viewed on this site, only about 19% are Zumba® Mega Mix pages. The rest are almost all ZIN™ pages. What’s the deal? Mega Mix songs are just as good as ZIN™ songs. My guess is that it may be harder (or more intimidating) to find choreography for Mega Mixes??? If this is the case, then I’ll tell you how to find great choreography for Mega Mixes. If this is not the case, then I don’t know what you have against Mega Mix songs but they are good songs too you know!

Even though the Mega Mix volumes don’t come with DVDs/choreography, don’t let that stop you from using a Mega Mix song. For those of us who have absolutely no dance background, choreographing can be a difficult task. You don’t have to choreograph a song all on your own. Your fellow instructors (and YouTube) is here to help.

Zumba® is all about sharing – this is what my ZES, Joy Smith, told me when I got my license. And this is also why numerous Zumba® instructors post videos of their choreography. So here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick a song. Preview music while you’re driving, taking a shower, or whenever, just pick a song that you like.
  2. Wait. Yes, wait. Unless the song you chose was from a few months ago, there isn’t going to be much (or any) choreography videos up yet. Remember that other instructors are receiving their CDs at the same time as you so it will take a while before videos are posted. There is one exception- if the song happens to already be a popular song. For example, I started using the song Vivir Mi Vida in July of 2013. Zumba® put this song on Mega Mix 39 in January of 2014. So when Mega Mix 39 was released, there were already videos for this song available from July. Make sense?
  3. Piece together your preferred choreography. Watch a few videos, see which moves you like and put them together to create your routine.

That’s it. The choreography is not provided by Zumba® Fitness however there are still some good options to choose from. I found that waiting approximately 4-8 weeks after you receive your Mega Mix CD is ample amount of time to get a good sample of choreography videos. Another option is this website. Go to a Mega Mix page and there you can find more choreography just waiting for you.

Don’t be afraid of the Mega Mixes. There are so many great songs on these volumes! I find that I pull more songs from Mega Mix volumes versus ZIN™. Be brave and embrace the Mega Mixes!

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