Plate by Zumba™

Zumba’s® newest program

What is Plate by Zumba™?

Plate by Zumba™ is a new e-learning program that teaches healthy eating habits for long-term success. It’s Zumba’s® healthy eating program. According to, the

24-module course teach(es) how to navigate food in a healthier way, the basics of nutrition-science and how to fuel for your lifestyle based on individualized goals.

What Does Plate by Zumba™ Teach?

Plate by Zumba™ is all about making better eating choices. As a Plate by Zumba™ coach, you will learn:

  • how to create healthier individualized lifestyle habits
  • how to create a balanced diet
  • tools to create healthy eating habits

Who Can Become a Plate by Zumba™ Coach?

Only ZIN™ (Zumba® Instructor Network) members in good standing can enroll in the program. This course is available to all ZIN™ members however only presented in English.

How Much Does Plate by Zumba™ Cost?

$99 USD grants you unlimited access to the e-learning course.

What Can a Plate by Zumba™ Coach Do?

After completing the course, a coach can then share their healthy eating knowledge and tools with friends and students. Coaches could host weekly classes, send out a monthly newsletter, etc. Teaching a class is probably the best platform to make money as a coach. Please share and additional ideas in the comments below!

NOTE: Being a licensed Plate by Zumba™ coach does not qualify you as a dietician or nutritionist. You will not be able to recommend diet programs. The course will, however, help you determine what you can say and cannot say.

For more information on the Plate by Zumba™ healthy eating program, visit:

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